Chamling admonishes govt for robbing children of their dreams by expelling them from college

Summit Report

Gangtok, 11 Apr: Sikkim Democratic Front president, former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, returned to the episode which has disturbed everyone who does not have a political reason to support the decision -

the expulsion of four Gyalshing College students after they led a protest demanding answers for the delay in preparing adequate infrastructure for their college. In a Facebook post in response to a question posed to him, Mr Chamling admonished the administration for being insensitive to the students in general and the four Gyalshing college students in particular and has appealed to students and the people to never give up and ensure justice. The question posed to Mr Chamling highlights that the

expulsion attracted widespread criticism not only within Sikkim but also from outside, and yet, “shockingly,” the Chief Minister has justified the expulsion as a “disciplinary case.” What has worried the person asking the question is that the incident was fading from public memory already and if allowed to fall into oblivion, will signal that the Sikkimese will “slowly lose the courage to question the government” and leave a “lasting impact on the minds of students.” In response, Mr Chamling, while accepting that there “can be a huge gap” between students and the people who run the administration given that they belong to different generations, there was no excusing how the government has treated students who were not making any unreasonable demands. “ Instead of listening to them, this cruel government tortured them, arrested them and finally expelled them from the college for which they were fighting,” Mr Chamling writes and goes on to wonder aloud whether “anything can be more cruel and harsher than robbing children of the very dreams for which they sacrifice everything?” Criticising the government’s decision to expel the students as a “brutal” move, Mr Chamling has called on the students at large to not get demoralised by the “pettiness of these immature so-called leaders.” “Never give up. Never say ‘never’. We are with you. The more they suppress us, the louder our voices should be. I appeal to the people of Sikkim to support students in their cause and let us not allow their dreams to wither under this repressive leadership. We will fight for students’ rights and make this government realize that our students’ futures are more important than their egos. Justice will prevail and truth will prevail,” he reassures. Sharing that he was “completely aghast” by the insensitive government, he also admits that the students’ agitation of 2014 during his government was bungled by the administration. “But we did our utmost to rectify that mistake by giving much more in the end than what they demanded,” he adds. While on the “immaturity” of the present government, he contends that it even considered discontinuing the “nationally-acclaimed innovative scheme called the Chief Minister Meritorious Scholarship