Chamling condemns CM's intimidating tone against bureaucrats


Gangtok, 18 Apr: Sikkim Democratic Front president, former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, has

condemned what he has tagged as an "objectionable speech" by Chief Minister PS Tamang on

Ambedkar Jayanti when he lashed out against bureaucrats and admitted to breaking rules to promote

government employees and then intimidating them with threats of vigilance enquiries in the same breath.

The CM, it may be recalled, had pulled up lack of punctuality in government offices in his Amabedkar

Jayanti address and while warning government officers to get serious about their jobs or face action, had also invited them to apply for voluntary retirement if being diligent was too much for them to deliver.

Asked on his Facebook page to comment of this episode, Mr Chamling writes, "What happened in Sikkim on that auspicious day [Ambedkar Jayanti] made a mockery of our constitution, which safeguards the lives of our people . The citizens of Sikkim received open threats and intimidation from the one who heads the state government. I felt ashamed as a Sikkimese citizen. What a disgrace to the nation, people and our national hero, the late Shri BR Ambedkar!" While stressing that the post of Chief Minister requires the occupant to "rise above petty, undignified and inappropriate thinking, language and behaviour," he says that he was horrified when Mr Tamang "openly declared that he has promoted many bureaucrats by breaking laws." Apart from shuddering at the impropriety of such admissions, Mr Chamling also wonders aloud whether this was "really the best they [Sikkim Krantikari Morcha] can offer?" The former CM has also taken exception to the crude manner in which Mr Tamang is alleged to have threatened to use "vigilance" or open enquiries and issue veiled threats when he said, "...I will make you know who I am, who PS Goley is...I am educated and I know how to write with a pen and I also know how to write with other things...I know how to use other 'things' and I have done that earlier also”. While accepting that the CM has a responsibility to demand accountability from government employees, Mr Chamling stresses that even a Chief Minister "has no right to terrorize and intimidate them by bragging about vigilance, other inquiry agencies, compulsory retirement, writing with pen and using 'other tactics', etc." "I demand an unconditional apology from him to all government employees and the people of Sikkim,” Mr Chamling concludes.