Chasok Tongnam celebrations begin at Thingling-Khechuperi


Gyalshing,13 Dec:

The traditional Limboo harvest festival‘ Chasok Tongnam’ started at Thingling-Khechuperi under Yuksam-Tashiding constituency in West Sikkim today.

The three-day cultural event started today with a ritual offering ceremony showcasing various cultural and traditional items of the Limboo community.

Sikkim Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker and Yuksam-Tashiding MLA,Sangay Lepcha attended the inaugural ceremony of Chasok Tongnam festival today as chief guest.

The festival is celebrated by offering the new harvest of crops to local deities.Cultural dances, traditional Limboo attire, traditional house, etc. were also on the display.

Organising committee president Bhai Hang Limboo said that like every community, Limboos also have a rich cultural heritage.

“We decided to celebrate this festival in our village to uphold the tradition of our ancestors and also to bring awareness about culture and traditions of our community among the young members of the community,” he shared.

Thingling-KhechuperiChasokTongnam celebration committee has been formed and has constituted a committee for the ChasokTongnam celebration this year. The celebration will be an annual event from now onwards,Bhai Hang Limboo mentioned.

Chief patron of the ChasokTongnam celebration committee, Suk BirLimboo said that this is an effort to revive the festival among the youth of the community.

Chief guest MLA,Sangay Lepcha in his brief address said that the State Government has giving equal opportunities and support for the promotion and preservation of culture and tradition of every community. He also expressed his best wishes to the Limboo community on the occasion ofChasokTongnam.

Popular Nepali singer SunitaThegimfrom Nepal is also taking part in the event. She is scheduled to perform tomorrow in the ChasokTongnam celebration.

This three-day cultural event will conclude on 15 Dec.

Also present were Yuksam, BDO Samber Man Limboo, Zillapanchayat,Budha Hang Subba, Khechuperi School Principal, BP Dhungel, SKM CLC vice president, NB Limboo, Artist SewonLimboo, Gram Panchayats, and local gentry.