Chief minister's/State Government's one-time incentive ASHA workers reaches Yuksam-Tashiding ASHA wo


Geyzing, 25 May:

One time incentive for ASHA workers was disbursed. The state government on Wednesday started disbursal of a one-time financial incentive to Asha workers in the state.

Sikkim Chief Minister,Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) has announced a one-time incentive of Rupees 10,000 to be granted to ASHA workers from the Chief Minister's Relief Fund in recognition of their significant contribution towards Covid-19 pandemic related work.

On Tuesday, the SLA Deputy speaker SangayLepcha, who is also the area MLA of Yuksam-Tashiding constituency handed out cheques to the ASHA workers of Constituency by visiting Health centres, in appreciation of their relentless works and dedicated Services.

MLA SangayLepcha said thatit is a token of respect and appreciation from the State Government to the ASHA workers of State. We appreciate the efforts made by Health workers, especially by the ASHA workers, who were working at Frontline fromthe grassroots. ASHA workersare on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19, adds MrLepcha.

COVID-19, a global pandamic hit the National and our State, our ASHA workers played the vital role in the battle. Our ASHA workers are the real heroes, the MLA said. "Our health care systems are working tirelessly day-and-night for the people and appealed people for cooperation and support by following the COVID protocols, MLA SangayLepcha added. He also thanked the ASHA workers for their dedication in fighting the Coronavirus. The MLA also has thanked the health workers and all frontline worriers for dedicated Services.

The SLA Deputy speaker,SangayLepcha was accompanied by Additional Political Secratary to CM,Madhusudan Sharma, Transport Chairman BasantTamang, SKM District Coordinator,NanduGurung and SKM CLC Coordinator,Krsher Kumar Khatiwada.

Sikkim Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) have received the financial incentive that Chief Minister,Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) announced couple of days ago. The state government had announced Rs. 10,000/- as incentives to ASHA workers to honour their efforts in tackling Covid-19, as a part of the relief package formulated to mitigate the economic damage inflicted by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, All 676 ASHA workers of Sikkim thanked the Sikkim Chief Tamang for recognition of their services and appreciation.

An ASHA Facilitator, Lachi Maya Chettri from Yuksam says, “We are very much grateful to Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) that because of him our service is recognised this time. Our ASHA workers work at the Frontline risking their own health and of their family members. We ASHA workers are the first responder from the grassroots; I expressed my immense gratitude to the Sikkim Chief Minister Tamang for recognising our efforts on behalf of all ASHA workers.Recognition and appreciation from the Chief Minister and State Government has motivated the ASHA workers to work more efficiently and dedicatedly", said ASHA Facilitator Lachi Maya Chettri. She has expressed her gratitude in behalf of ASHA workers of Yuksam-Tashiding constituency to the Chief Minister Tamang.

A trained female community health activist ASHA or an Accredited Social Health Activist is a community health worker instituted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as a part of India's National Rural Health Mission. ASHA workers are the working from the baseline of Health Sector in the Nation. When the COVID-19 pandamic hit, ASHA workers are working at the Frontline.