COVID awareness literature distributed in South

Namchi, 20 Apr (IPR):

With the aim of creating awareness about COVID-19 disease, the availability of vaccination and COVID-19 appropriate behaviours, the South District Department of Information and Public Relations distributed various communication materials namely banners, pamphlets and posters in the office of District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police today. ‘Teeka Nai Hamro Suraksha’ is the underlying theme in these materials and urges the masses to get vaccinated and strengthen the fight against COVID-19.

Additionally, the department is also taking up awareness of COVID-19 via miking in and around the district. The details in the communication materials includes the fivefold strategy which are Tracing, Testing, Treatment, Vaccination and COVID-19 appropriate behaviours. The communication also emphasizes on four golden COVID-19 rules which are to follow physical Distancing, wearing a face mask, frequently washing hand and adoption of healthy immunity boosters. Moreover, the said

materials will be put in every nook and corner of the district.