Covid claims one more even as Sikkim records daily recoveries at double the number of new cases

Summit Report

Gangtok, 02 Aug: Covid claimed one more life in the last 24 hours in Sikkim at STNM Hospital, taking

the State’s Covid toll to 346. Covid’s second wave, which has now been in Sikkim for 102 days [since 22 April, 2021] has accounted for 210 deaths now. The first wave claimed 136 lives. While every fatality

is traumatic, Sikkim can perhaps draw some hope from the fact that the past 24 hours also gave Sikkim recoveries at more than two-times the number of new cases. Against the 126 new cases reported in

the State in the past 24 hours, there were 256 people who beat Covid, ended their isolation period and returned to their daily lives. With this, the state’s count of recovered cases has further improved to 22,937. As per the Daily Report of COVID-19 in Sikkim released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of the Health Department at 8AM this morning, the 126 new cases were detected in testing of 1,122 samples on Sunday giving the State a daily test positivity rate of 11%. While 70 samples

returned positive for COVID-19 in RT-PCR testing of 807 samples, 55 people tested positive in rapid antigen testing of 310 samples and one more case was reported in TruNat testing of five samples.

Out of these 126 new cases, 31 were registered in East District, 69 in West District, 23 in South District and 03 in North District. Sikkim’s tally of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported so far has now reached 26,880, of which 3,323 are currently active cases and only 115 of these are with symptoms severe enough to require hospitalization. The rest of the active cases are recovering under home or facility isolation. There were 14 new admissions of Covid patients in different hospitals in the State and

11 are currently under treatment in ICUs at STNM Hospital and Central Referral Hospital.