Covid claims one more, new cases drop to lowest of third wave in Sikkim, as do number of tests

Summit Report

Gangtok, 14 Feb:

New cases came in at the lowest of the third wave in Sikkim today even as the State lost one more life to the virus. At the same time, the State screened the lowest number of samples of not just the third wave, but the year thus far.

As per the Daily Report of Covid-19 in Sikkim released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of the Health Department Monday morning, the 439th Covid death of the State was reported from STNM Hospital today. This is the 30th life lost to the virus in the Third Wave which this newspaper takes as having begun on 08 Jan, 2022.

The number of new cases at 13 is also the lowest recorded in the third wave here, but this comes tempered with the fact that the barely 141 samples screened yesterday were the lowest that Sikkim has tested in a day thus far this year. This low number of tests has also spiked the daily test positivity rate to 9.2% today after it had come in barely a shade above 5% for the past week.

Until today, the lowest number of daily cases were the 17 recorded a day earlier, but those were picked up from 328 tests at a daily TPR of 5.2%.

The fewest tests in a day this year, until today, were 184 screened on 02 Jan, but that was before the Third Wave rolled into the State.

Of the 13 new cases, seven were recorded in East Sikkim from 89 samples screened, 5 from 38 samples in West, one in South from 14 samples and none in North Sikkim where no tests were conducted.

The low number of tests yesterday can be explained to the practice of the two VRD Labs in the State taking a day off.

With 76 more Covid patients making full recoveries and getting discharged from home isolation yesterday, Sikkim's current recovery rate has inched up to 97.94%.

There are currently 349 active cases of Covid in the State, 327 of whom are either asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms, 11 have presented moderate symptoms and 11 other patients have severe symptoms.

45 of the Covid-positive people are in hospital at present, 11 of whom are in ICU.