Covid vaccination among 12-14 year-olds slow compared to enthusiasm seen in other age-groups

Summit Report

Gangtok, 29 Apr:

The number of children aged between 12 to 14 years now fully vaccinated against Covid with both doses of CorBEvax has reached 3,299 with 1,237 of them receiving their second shot across Sikkim yesterday. Nearly 13% of this age-group has received both shots. If vaccination is seen as a necessary defence, more attention needs to be invested in getting this age-group to the vaccination centres.

In the little over a month that has passed since vaccination was opened for children aged between 12 to 14, only 63.63% [16,598] of them have begun the process with the first dose. Yesterday for instance, only 468 arrived to take their first shot. This age-group is estimated to number around 26,000.

Since children in this age category are in school and because most of them will require to be accompanied to the vaccination by an elder, the authorities should perhaps consider keeping vaccination centres open for them on holidays or consider vaccination as part of the school day for those willing to take the shots.

As per the Daily Report of Covid-19 in Sikkim issued by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of Health Department on Friday morning, with 238 children aged between 15 to 18 years completing their vaccination schedule with the second dose of Covaxin yesterday, 70.50% of them are now fully vaccinated. Also yesterday, another 108 of them took the first dose taking the number of them who have taken at least one dose of Covaxin to 36,844 accounting for 89.86% of them.

The vaccination coverage is much wider among the adults, 74 of whom took their second shot of Covishield. 4.93 lakh of the adults, accounting for 95.37% of Sikkim’s adult population has already taken both doses of the vaccine. First dose coverage among the adults is already 100%-plus, a feat achieved after vaccination was opened even for those residing here without proper documents.

The precautionary third dose coverage is moving along on a smart clip in Sikkim with 211 taking the booster shots yesterday.

Thus far, 6,641 healthcare workers, 15,534 frontline workers and 21,989 people aged 60+, the cumulative total working out to 44,164, have taken the third dose of Covishield in Sikkim.

In the meantime, Sikkim reported a daily test positivity rate of 0.8% on Friday with one new Covid infection picked up from the screening of 123 samples in the past 24 hours. This one case, detected in TruNat testing, the IDSP report informs, was registered in East Sikkim.

Sikkim also recorded one new recovery in the past 24 hours, and this balanced out the one new case to leave Sikkim with three active Covid cases. Of the three cases, while one is recovering under home isolation, two are admitted in hospital, one of whom is in ICU, it is informed.

Sikkim, it may be recalled, has not seen a Covid death for more than a month now. The last Covid fatality here was reported on 27 March, last month.