Covid War Room for South district set up

Namchi, 07 Jun (IPR): The South District Administration [SDA] in order to track and monitor the spread of Corona Virus has set up a COVID-19 war room with dashboard at Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) today which is constructed under the Namchi Smart City Projects and located above the Multi-Level Car Plaza Building.

The aim of the COVID-19 war room is to have real time information about the status of the incidence of COVID-19 infection within South-Sikkim. Information about the various Covid care centers, containment zones and details of ambulances, etc. are available which shall ensure effective management while making an informed decision for responding to the pandemic. The integrated Covid-19 dashboard provides the status which includes availability of beds at various Covid care centres within the South District, the information on accessibility of the Government as wells as taxi ambulances are also given.

The dedicated team working at the Covid-19 war room cell functions as the Control Room and provides emergency assistance related to medicine and other drugs, ambulances, and admission to the covid care centres based on the health care report and the request of patient and their relatives. The additional services include contact details of doctors of the respective areas, and other allied health needs.

In addition to this, the District Administration has also set up a dedicated 24x7 Covid-19 Helpline desk through the existing Contact Center Management Solution. For any emergency enquiries, the helpline number is 03595-264100. The centre also assists the South Police Department in executing their work by means of monitoring video CCTVs feeds. In Namchi, CCTVs has been installed at various locations executing feeds of the CCTVs installed at the various locations. Hence, in this ICCC the Surveillance footage is overseen and the police personnels can monitor the movement of people, especially during the time of lockdown. Regular announcement through Public Address System installed at Smart Poles which is connected to the main ICCC room is also done by the Police Department informing the public about the Covid-19 guidelines issued by the State Government.

Some of the key features of Covid-19 war room are as follows:

1) CCTV Surveillance.

2) Public Address System (PAS).

3) Emergency call box.

4) Public Wi-Fi.

5) Environmental Sensors.

6) Automated Traffic Management Solution.

7) CCMS based LED street lights.

8) Contact Centre Management Solution.

This newly functional district level Covid-19 war room also provides a video wall display which shows information related the latest data of confirmed, active and recovered covid cases within the district. Apart from this, the District Collector’s office along with Namchi Smart City Limited has worked in collaboration with ESRI India to have a web based application platform involving geo spatial data on rate of infection according to demography. The web based application also has the capability to provide visual interface of the trends of covid clusters at block levels. The dashboard also highlights the culminating graph of cases on daily and monthly basis which is updated every 24 hours and the platform is developed with the help of ArcGIS (Software).

The war room is managed by the officials of the District Administration alongwith other officials from Namchi Smart City Limited, NIC (Namchi) and Health Department. To assist in this endeavour, an NGO the Blood Army of Sikkim is also volunteering in managing the helpline numbers for grievances and feedback from the public via helpline numbers which are- 95642-26981, 93396-24796 and 86534-5