Darj marathoners and fashionistas conned

Smrita Khawas

Darjeeling, 30 Sept:

One Daniel Saint, claiming to be a representative of Club 7D of Mumbai, has fled after conning “volunteers” here to collect registration fee from marathoners and the more fashion-inclined of upwards of Rs 2 lakh.

It is possible the con-artist was not event Daniel Saint from Mumbai but a Prakash Adhikari from Nepal.

If the volunteers he rustled up to help organize a marathon and fashion contest as part of a proposed World Tourism Day celebration, this person claimed to be representing Club 7D which was hosting the event. The volunteers, whom he had promised to pay for their services, were then sent out to register people for the relay marathon and fashion contest.

The distraught volunteers informed a press conference here today that between them, they collected Rs 1,000 each from around a hundred people who signed up for the marathon and Rs 5,000 from each of the 22 who registered for the fashion contest.

The event we scheduled for 03 October and promotional material claimed that it was being organized in partnership with the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.

Today, however, when the volunteers reached the place where he was residing, they discovered that he had fled. All that they found there was document revealing that the person they knew as Daniel Saint was actually Prakash Adhikari from Nepal.

What is more, many local businesses had also donated towards the proposed event.

The volunteers have appealed to the administration to trace the conman and bring him to book.