District officials inspect damage on road to Saffo

Wangchuk Bhutia

Mangan, 23 Jun: A team led by DC North inspected the road [which was supposed to connect Saffo village in Dzongu] which was severely damaged by the recent landslide. The team, which included

the ADC North, SDM Dzongu & Chungthang and officials from the line departments, was received by

the Panchayats and public of Saffo. During the visit, a meeting was also held at the spot in the presence of officials from GREF. GREF has assured restoration of this stretch within 12 to 13 days.

The DC North also ensured transport of all essential commodities for the public of Saffo through transhipment. Around a 250 metre span of road formation has been damaged and sunk about 15 feet below the original formation at two points by slides between Ship-Gyer and Saffo villages.