Doncee Lama condemns fake FIR being attributed to her,

disgusted by character assassination triggered by SNS press conference


Gangtok, 22 Aug: Doncee Lama, whose name has been dragged into the allegations of molestation against Political Secretary to CM, Jacob Khaling, today rejected the FIR being attributed to her

as a forgery and informed a press conference that she had already clarified the matter with Sikkim Police last month itself. Dredging up the matter now has further reinforced her resolve to charge those

who are so disingenuously peddling this piece of forgery, because of which she has been targeted

with misogynist and harsh character assassination. The issue relates to the Sikkim Naagarik Samaj press conference on Saturday during which Sikkim Police’s alleged inaction on an FIR accusing Mr Khaling of molestation and attempt to rape was condemned. Although SNS did not share details of the complainant, shortly after the press conference, people leaving comments on Facebook posts reporting on the press conference were naming Ms Lama as the supposed complainant and some ven

shared copies of the FIR. Ms Lama informed the press conference today that Sadar Thana had contacted her on 15 July last month about the FIR received by Sikkim Police via speed-post [on 09 July]. “I informed the IO that the FIR was not posted by me and that even the signature on it was not mine. The allegations contained in it were false. In fact, I even told the investigating officer that if I had a complaint to file, I would do so personally and not post it,” Ms Lama said. Ms Lama called and addressed the press conference alone today. The letter FIR was made out in Ms Lama’s name and even gave her address and contact phone number, a detail which hints at a deeper conspiracy to

sully her name and also target Mr Khaling. Ms Lama, it may be recalled, was recently appointed member of the State Women’s Commission, and this has been used uncharitably and in very offensive tones by many people leaving comments on Social Media as a “compromise.” Sharing that she had filed a General Diary with the police last month itself when she learned of the fake FIR into which her name had been dragged, Ms Lama said today that she will now go after those behind this cheap trick more concertedly. To start with, she has filed an FIR against SNS and its office-bearers for yesterday’s press conference. “The SNS office-bearers know me personally, they could easily have picked up the phone and cross-checked the matter with me,” she said, while adding that she even respected some of them for the pro-Sikkim positions they have been taking and was hence even more disappointed with

the latest development. In her FIR lodged with Sikkim Police on the matter, Ms Lama alleges that fake FIR of last month must have been prepared by SNS general secretary Passang Sherpa in connivance with Tseten Tashi Bhutia, Bharat Basnett and others to settle their political scores otherwise how could they have been in possession of a copy and privy to other details like when it was posted and received by Sikkim Police. Ms Lama also informed that she has been out of Gangtok for past month since she was assisting with the medical treatment of a patient and hence did not have the time to follow-up the case.