Ganesh Rai along with former Ministers and Panchayats resigns from SDF

“Will launch new party to enrich democracy, not erase other parties”


GANGTOK, 24 Jan:

Sikkim Democratic Front vice-president in-charge [South], Ganesh Rai along with other senior leaders of the party announced their resignations from primary membership and other responsibilities of the party on Monday.

Former Ministers, Dawcho Lepcha and Sonam Gyatso Lepcha, sitting and former panchayats and CEC members are also among prominent leaders who announced their resignation from SDF party.

While announcing his resignation during a press conference here today, Ganesh Rai said, “We served SDF party for a long time and made our sincere efforts to bring the required reforms in the party but realizing that there is no chance for any reform in the party we are now officially resigning.”

He expressed that many may accuse them for betraying the party but, he said, it is not betrayal but existential flexibility to continue the politics for a cause.

“We gave our time, energy and resources to SDF but now we are leaving because we feel we cannot work for our cause by staying in the party. We have decided to work on a new direction and programme,” he expressed.

MrRai mentioned that his team has been talking with people across the state on new direction and 50 years of politics to unite Sikkim.

Responding to media queries, he said, “We tried our best to work as a responsible opposition in the interest of people of Sikkim but SDF failed to deliver its responsibility as an opposition and now people are slowly going to the media instead of approaching the opposition regarding their problems.”

On whether he tried to bring about reforms while in the party, MrRai said he along with others tried.

“We gave suggestions to the party president on different forums and even in writing but it was never discussed in any forum. Instead people were taken as anti-party for giving suggestions, so we are leaving the party as our ideology no longer matches the ideology of the party,” he said.

MrRaihas also announced that he will be launching a new political party soon, however, he did not give any details during the press conference. He did mention that the new part will be floated within this year.

He claimed that his team has already met more than one lakh people so far and added that the new party will not be a one-man party.

This new party is not being formed to erase other political parties in the state but to make democracy more vibrant in Sikkim, stated MrRai.

He added that the fight of the new team will not be against any party but against the present system in the State.

“Not only leaders and members from SDF party but workers from other political parties are also set to resign to connect with the new thought,” he said.

Responding to a media query, MrRai talked about Environmental Sustainability, Economic Sustainability and Talent Sustainability wherein he said that Sikkim is being destroyed in all three aspects.

“Our new party will have strong focus on all three aspects,” he said.