Golay lambasts Chamling, advices him to stop engaging only on social media and attend Assembly sessi

Summit Report

Gangtok, 27 Oct:

Sikkim Krantrikari Morcha president, Chief Minister PS Tamang,unloaded on his predecessor, Sikkim Democratic Front president former CM Pawan Chamling, accusing him of spreading misinformation to mislead the people of Sikkim. Mr Tamang was speaking at the inaugural function of an indoor sports arena in Gangtok today.

Scoffing at Mr Chamling’s recent practice of writing detailed Facebook posts every week, Mr Tamang advised him to stop avoiding people and holding forth only on social media and start attending assembly sessions instead and question the government directly.

Mr Tamang contended that the former CM was spreading rumours on social media in a desperate bid to stop SDF party-workers from leaving the party.

“We did not formthe government from the backdoor or by buying MLAs.The people of Sikkim brought us to government by giving us their mandate. We have the full support of BJP MLAs and in such a situation, how cana lone MLA can form the government,” he wondered aloud.

While talking about various upcoming projects and developmental works in the State, the CM contended that the present government has been taking up many projects in the long-term interest of Sikkim and its people.

He said that opposition parties have been levelling false allegations and spreading misinformation to obstruct developmental works.

“Don’t Opposition parties have any intellectuals among them who talk sense instead of constantly resorting to misinformation and lies,” he asked aloud.

He said that opposition parties have the option to file RTIs or directly asking the government for details about these developmental works instead to spreading misinformation.

Responding to Mr Chamling’sallegation that the state government has emptied the State Bank of Sikkim and sanctioned loans to outsiders, Mr Tamang insisted that the SKM government has not emptied the SBS, but was working to strengthen the bank by creating more income for it.

He claimed that the focus was on recovering dues from defaulters instead to releasing loans recklessly like the SDF government had done to its relatives.

Mr Tamang contended that the present government has been providing loans to local youth and businesses to help them become self-employed and self-reliant. He announced that the State government will table a strong loan recovery act in the upcoming assembly session.

He refuted allegationsthat the State Government has sold its share of the TeestaUrja Project and countered that the policies, decisions and corruption in the SDF Government had led to a situation where the present government was still repaying its loan to the SBS.

He lashed out at the former CM for destroying the State in the name of development.