Gorkha problem will be solved after BJP comes to power in Bengal: Amit Shah


Darjeeling, 13 Apr: Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who is currently on a North Bengal election campaign trail, was in Darjeeling today and while assuring that the "Gorkha problem" will be resolved after BJP forms the government in West Bengal, also invoked Darjeeling's history from more than

a century ago to underline that the Hills will be reverted to their position of prominence and path-breaking development under a BJP government. He assured that a political solution to the long-drawn "Gorkha problem" in the Hills will be reached once the BJP forms the government in West Bengal. In this regard, he remarked the Constitution of India was expansive and vast and carried enough provisions to solve any problem. A BJP government at the Centre and one in West Bengal will provide the double-engine boost to address issues which have wracked the region, he said. "I promise that a permanent political solution to the Gorkha problem will be reached... You will not have to resort to agitations anymore," he said. He also played to the gallery by packaging rosy retrospections about the Hills, pointing out that Darjeeling was the first place in Asia to get electricity in 1897, the second place in Bengal to get a municipality and arguably the first region in the country to see industrialisation with the tea estates established here. He rued that a region which led on all indices at one time had been allowed to fall by the wayside when it comes to development and announced that this will be corrected

by the BJP. He alleged that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has "put a full stop" to development work in Darjeeling and was continuing a condescending attitude manifested in TMC leaders visiting the

Hills only for leisure. He also thanked the Hills for being among the first in West Bengal to support the BJP and giving it MPs for two terms TMC has left the three Darjeeling constituencies to its allies from

the Hills -- the two GJM factions led by Gurung and Binay Tamang. Both the sparring factions have fielded candidates, who are contesting the elections from the three seats as Independents