Govt hoping youth help more elders get vaccinated against Covid


Gangtok, 06 Apr: The State Government is looking towards the younger generation to

ensure wider vaccine coverage among the elderly. Health & Family Welfare Department Principal Secretary, K Sreenivasulu, while addressing a press conference today, shared that the lower

than expected turn-out of the elderly for vaccination against Covid-19 is being looked at with concern by the State Government. The Principal Secretary informed that the Chief Minister, who is currently

in Gujarat, convened a meeting with Ministers and senior State Government officials on Monday

to discuss the ongoing Covid vaccination drive and other pertinent issues. The meeting was triggered

by the nation recording its highest incidence of daily cases yesterday. The meeting delved at length on

the low turnout of elderly people, especially those from rural Sikkim, for COVID vaccination and deliberated on alternative ways to increase vaccination coverage in rural areas. The Principal Secretary mentioned that the State Government was putting in Sikkim is vaccinated against COVID-19 and stressed that the youth could play an important role in rural areas to bring the elderly from their respective places to the vaccination centres. Sikkim, he added, was fully equipped with all required infrastructure, testing and other facilities and vaccines to handle the pandemic but there was need for full support from the people to continue this fight against COVID. This has been a common theme in

the State Government's position on the efforts to contain the spread of Covid in Sikkim - wanting the people to be more responsible and insisting that the government had everything in place, including

a plan to contain Covid. The Principal Secretary today stressed on the need for people to properly follow COVID-appropriate behavior even after vaccination. Likewise, Sikkim Police Special DGP, Akshay Sachdeva, appealed to the people to extend cooperation like they did last year when the pandemic broke out. He urged hoteliers to check the RTCPR reports of guests from outside and in the event that they do not have such a report, keep them in the hotel until they get tested.