Sagar Chhetri

Gangtok, 12 Jan:

Representatives of the twelve “left-out” communities of Sikkim have expressed gratitude towards the State Government and Chief Minister PS Tamang for adopting the Government Resolution seeking inclusion of these left out communities in the Scheduled Tribes list.

Extending their “wholehearted” support to the government resolution passed during the one-day session of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly on Monday, they expressed confidence that these communities will soon receive tribal status thanks to the “strong” and “historic” initiative of the State government.

Addressing a press conference here this afternoon, the “Eleven Indigenous Ethnic Communities of Sikkim” president, Dr SK Rai, put the gratitude on record and congratulated the CM for taking this substantial step forward on the basis of Article 371F and historical documents.

While there were 11 communities earlier counted among those left-out of the ST list, the number was recently increased to 12 with the inclusion of the Majhi community to the list.

Dr Rai also thanked the Minister for Social Justice, Dr MK Sharma for placing the resolution in the Assembly and all MLAs for having fully supported the resolution in the Assembly to secure justice for the left-out communities of Sikkim.

Dr Rai went on to add that the left-out communities of Sikkim will soon receive tribal status due to the “commitment, guidance and benevolence” of the CM.

Likewise, Akhil Sikkim Khas [Chettri-Bahun] Kalyan Sangh president, Raju Basnet, also echoed the sentiment and also thanked the CM for his address in support of the resolution on the basis of historical documents and other facts.

Mr Basnet also informed that the CM had invited representatives of all twelve communities on the initiative of the OBC Chairperson, Pabitra Bhandari, on 05 January and assured all-out effort on the tribal status issue.

He add that to pass the resolution immediately after his assurance at a meeting with them shows the commitment of the government towards the issue.