Gyalshing meets to bolster electronic waste management project

Gyalshing, 28 Jun [IPR]: A meeting on the recently launched Electronic Waste Management project was convened today at the conference hall of District Administration Centre, Rabdentse, for Gyalshing district. The meeting was presided over by DC, YD Yongda, and attended by the ADC Gyalshing, SDMs Gyalshing & HQ, ADC Development, BDOs Chongrang & Gyalshing, along with AD AHVS, MEO, DPO and other officers of the district.

Pankaj Gupta of JS Pigments, Kolkata, made a detailed power-point presentation on the hazards of e-waste and mechanisms to Reduce, Recover, Reuse, Recycle and dispose in accordance with the E-Waste Management and Handling Rules 2016.

He highlighted that JS Pigments, certified by the Pollution Control Boards of Sikkim and West Bengal, has been working in this field for the last ten years and that e-waste contains many toxic elements such as Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Beryllium Oxide, Sulphur etc. On the other hand recyclable elements can be retrieved from e-waste such as Aluminum, iron, precious Metals (gold, silver), Copper, tin, zinc, Silicon etc.

The DC, in her remarks, articulated that the District Administration encourages all offices, households and individuals to collect their e-waste and deposit it periodically at the Collection Centre established at the DAC.

She reiterated that all departments must adhere to the circular issued for e-waste collection at the respective office complexes, institutions, GPUs. MEO - GNP and ADC Development were instructed to immediately set up proper collection mechanisms for urban and rural areas.

The MEO mentioned that a collection centre has been planned at the GNP office area that would cater to e-waste of Gyalshing bazaar.

The DC further appealed to everyone present to generate awareness at the grassroots level on engaging in this waste collection drive through Gram Sabhas and Jan Sunwais and other public gatherings.

Once the e-waste collection attains around 5 tonnes (one truckload), it will be taken by the recycling company to be recycled at their centre in West Bengal.

The DC also briefed everyone that the district administration will soon be signing an MoU with the SPCB certified agency.

The resource person, Mr Gupta, presented and explained categories of electrical & electronic equipment, responsibilities of the manufacturer, responsibilities of the producer, responsibilities of consumer, storage of e-waste, toxic substances present and effects on environment, effects on human health, recyclable elements found in the E-Waste, environmental benefits of recycling E-Waste, informal sector recycling and collection & recycling process.

He also expressed his gratitude towards the DC and District Administration for involvement and collaboration with JS Pigments Private limited.