Hamro Party wins Darjeeling Municipality elections

Smrita Khawas

Darjeeling, 02 Mar:

Newly formed Darjeeling Hamro Party has won the Darjeeling Municipality elections with 18 of the 32 seats going in its favour.

Meanwhile, Bhartiya Gorkha Prajatantrik Morcha got 9 seats, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha got 3 seats and Trinamool Congress got 2 seats out of the 32 seats. BJP and Gorkha National Liberation front (GNLF) were unable to secure a single seat in Darjeeling Municipality Election.

Speaking on his party’s victory, president of Hamro Party, Ajoy Edward said that the silent majority of Darjeeling has won today.

"I want to congratulate everyone. This year, the voter turn-out was less in Darjeeling town area. We believe every single vote is precious so I want to appeal to everyone to participate in upcoming elections,” he stated.

He further said that his party will try to solve short term problems in 100 days.

On selecting a chairman, Mr Edward said that he has never said that he wants to be the chairman so the party will decide at a later date what will be best for the public.

"We have to accept the public’s decision and we will co-operate with everyone and work for a better Darjeeling. Our party is also a newly formed party and we won 9 seats in our first election. That is a good achievement for us. We will continue to work like before and try to solve the problems of our public," saidBharaityaGorkhaPrajatantrikMorcha president, AnitThapa.

GorkhaJanmuktiMorcha president,BimalGurung congratulated Hamro Party and assured support in making Darjeeling peaceful and better.

“This time Darjeeling Municipality election was like MP election. Expectations of the public ran very high. We believe that thosewho won the election will fulfil all the expectations of the public and as I have promised many things to our public, I will fulfil those too," he stated.

Leader of Trinamool Congress Darjeeling,BinoyTamang also congratulated Hamro Party and assured support in making Darjeeling peaceful.

"We respect the decision made by the public, as we have seen the change in the public of Darjeeling this year. From this we have to learn many things and we believe the change we have seen will remain forever,” he said.

MLA Darjeeling,NeerajZimba said that even though the party did not win any seat in the election, the party will continue to work. He congratulated Hamro Party and expressed hope that it will fulfil all promises.

“GNLF party has seen many things. We can come back stronger,” he added.