JAC formed to pressdemands of ‘Pre-MergerLeft-out People of Sikkim’


Gangtok, 25 Feb: A Joint Action Committee of “Pre-Merger Left-out People of Sikkim” was formed today

at a meeting held here at Chokasum Hall, Namnang. The meeting was attended by people who

have been residing in Sikkim since before the merger and want to be treated at par with Sikkim

Subjects. Today’s meeting nominated Prem Goyal as chief convenor and Hemant Niroula as joint

convener of JAC. A press release from the committee informs that the meeting unanimously

passed the resolution to place the demand seeking equal rights [at par with Sikkim Subjects] before the concerned authorities. It adds that the JAC will submit a memorandum to the Government of Sikkim.

“The demand will be on the basis of a petition filed by Prem Goyal referring to 145th report of the Committee of Rajya Sabha [06 August 2013] and another petition dated 22 August 2008,” the release informs. These petitions demand recognition for this section of the Sikkimese society at par with the Sikkim Subjects given the years that these families have lived in the state.