KVK-North organizes field day on High Density Planting Maize


Gangtok, 29 Sept:

In Sikkim, maize is a major cereal crop, occupied first rank and being cultivated during kharif (summer/ rainy) season, as a rain-fed crop. It starts in Feb-March and ends in July-August depending on the altitude. It is grown over an area of about 36,000–40,000 hectare which is about 35–40 % of total cultivable area.

As per the Annual Progress Report of Agriculture Department, the area under maize was 40.170 ha with total production 6,752 tonnes and a yield of 1,680.35 kg per ha which is much lower than the average national yield.

Keeping this in mind, KVK-North is trying to popularise high-density planting maize technology and held a demonstration at Chawang, North Sikkim.

More than 30 participants, including the Agriculture Development Officer, Agriculture Inspector, VLW, Marketing Assistant, Field Assistant of Agriculture and Horticulture Kabi block of North also attended.

Puscal Sharma, SMS (Agronomy), the main resource person, briefed the participants about high density planting maize and its potential in limited areas having a plant population almost 1,44,000 in one hectare simply by adjusting some spacing and sowing of maize seed technique.

At the end of the programme, maize crop harvesting was conducted with the assistance of field functionaries (MA/FA/VLW).