LTVC joins SSC dharna, demands LT seat formula from GovtORGANIZATION WANTS SDF’S OFOJ AND SKM’S 160

Summit Report

Gangtok, 20 Dec:

Limboo Tamang Voluntary Committee [LTVC] joined the dharna called by Sikkim Subject Committee outside District Administrative Centre [East] on Sunday pressing a host of demands. The LTVC delegation at the protest was there to reiterate its demand seeking seat reservation for the Limboos and Tamangs in the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, something that has been Constitutionally owed to the two communities ever since they were included in the Scheduled Tribes list in the year 2008.

An LTVC press release issued by its publicity secretary, Deepak Tamang, informs that LTVC has been continuously fighting for LT seat reservation and alleges that the SKM government’s stand on the issue was not clear.

“LT seat has become a ‘Rainbow’ for the political masters. If this issue has not been resolved till now, then what more can we expect for the Limbu and Tamang community,” the release states.

LTVC has also asked the State government to present its formula for the seat reservation.

The release also contends that appointments made under the One Family One Job scheme and the 1,600 appointments made by the SKM Government without following the prescribed processes for government employment were illegal and should hence be cancelled.

SSC’s Nawin Kiran Pradhan, it may be recalled, has opposed the 1,600 appointments but wants the OFOJ appointments regularized.

LTVC argues that the only difference between the two appointments is that while OFOJ employment was done in “broad daylight” in a public event, the 1,600 appointments of the present government were done surreptitiously.

The release states that during the Rojgar Mela, the SDF government had distributed jobs to people without realising the consequences and how it was a direct threat to the educated youth appointed as a result.

The organisation has questioned the need to spend years earning degrees if such “illegal” appointments were done on the whims of politicians to serve their political ends and why Sikkim Public Service Commission was established if government jobs could be distributed so casually.

On the same, LTVC has demanded that both OFOJ and the more recent 1600 appointments to allow eligible and competent candidates apply for the posts.