NGO opens public library in Upper Sadam


Namchi, 14 Sept:

HamroEkta Youth Federation has started a public library in Upper Sadam with 400 donated books on the federation's first year anniversary on 10 Sept.

HamroEkta Youth Federation works with the principle of lighting the spark of unity in the society, and has already organized sports events, cleanliness drives, food distribution during Covid pandemic, COVID-19 sanitation programs and other programs within a year of its establishment. The organization is also planning to organize health camps in the future.

"We are trying to reach all sections of society to bring them together," saidSumiranRai, the librarian and an active member of the Federation.

The book donation drive took place for a month, starting from 12 Aug in South Sikkim. People from Sadam, Melli, Ghurpisey, Namchi, Assangthang and Mikhola in South Sikkim and a few from Mumbai, Maharashtra, donated books for the library.

HamroEkta Youth Federation collected the books and arranged them into different categories in the library. The books have been categorized into children’s section, vernacular, general knowledge, academics, nobles and fictions, information technology, planning and management, health and wellness, Sikkim history and culture and environment, magazines, encyclopedias, arts, religion and few others.

The library is currently established in a rented house of a teacher of Mungrang Primary School, Mani Rai, which is near the road to Gupti from Sadam in Upper Sadam.

The library has one librarian and is open to everybody while borrowing books is limited to members only.

HamroEkta Youth Federation is grateful to all the book donors as well as the ward panchayat, Panchayat President and ZillaPanchayat of Sandam-Suntaley GPU, under Melli Constituency, South Sikkim, who helped them in making their project a success.