No Covid fatality in Sikkim after 5 days

Summit Report

Gangtok, 09 Jan:

No Covid death was reported in Sikkim in the past 24 hours, a reprieve arriving after five consecutive days of the virus claiming lives here. The State has lost 437 lives to Covid, a high proportion of which were among Covid-positive patients with existing co-morbid conditions. In the Third Wave, counted as having begun in Sikkim on 08 Jan, Sikkim has lost 28 lives to Covid. Covid-19 has been claiming one person every day since 04 Feb in the sequence which was broken today. The last Covid death here was of a 73 year old lady from Ben, South Sikkim, who passed away at STNM Hospital on 08 Jan. She had the co-morbidities of Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes.

Meanwhile, as per the Daily Report of Covid-19 in Sikkim issued by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of Health Department, 41 fresh cases were recorded in the State in the past 24 hours at a daily Test Positivity Rate of 3.7% from the screening of 1,113 samples yesterday.

25 of the new cases were recorded in East district, 12 in West, three in South and one in North district. RT-PCR testing of 236 samples returned 19 positive cases, two of the 19 samples screened via TruNat came back positive and 21 cases were detected in Rapid Antigen Testing of 875 samples.

The numbers suggest that the Third Wave, even if it is not on the wane, is clearly less pathogenic and since fewer people are taking ill, the testing and new cases are also coming in low.

Of the 574 currently active cases of Covid in the State for instance, 545 are either asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms, 14 have moderate symptoms and 15 Covid patients are presenting severe symptoms.

At present, there are 56 Covid patients in hospital while the rest are on their way to recovery under home isolation. 15 of those in hospital, including four under 18 year olds, are in ICU.

In the past 24 hours, seven Covid patients were hospitalised here. That said, even at its peak, the Third Wave saw noticeably low number of hospitalisations; the highest, 34 in a day, has been recorded only twice since 08 Jan, on 19 and 24 January, 2022.