No one can touch Sikkim if we are united: CM



GANGTOK, 14 Apr: Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang today said that Sikkim will remain strong till

the Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha and business communities of Sikkim stay united in communal harmony. He asserted that if there is communal harmony, no one can touch Sikkim and violate the rights of Sikkimese

people. The CM was speaking as the chief guest of the state-level celebration of Baisakhi Parva 2078 here at Manan Kendra on Wednesday. This year Baisakhi Parva was celebrated as Ekta Diwas by bringing all 21 communities of Sikkim together. It has to be mentioned that the celebration committee was formed as an initiative of Nepali Sahitya Parishad by taking representatives from all 21 communities

of Sikkim. In his address, the CM stated that it is a unique and historic moment for the State to witness all 21 communities together for the first time under one roof to celebrate Ekta Diwas. He congratulated the celebration committee for bringing all communities together for a celebration. This would not only

give a strong message to the Sikkimese society but to the nation as well, he added. The CM said that if the people are not united, then others will take advantage of the disharmony. He stated that immediately

after forming the government in the state, the SKM government has started working to again unify the divided society of Sikkim. “SKM party came to power with the slogan to unify the divided Sikkimese society, to take it forward and we have been working as per our slogan and we have also been receiving

the support of the people of Sikkim in this mission,” he said. Without taking anyone's name, he alleged

that political leaders of Sikkim in the past used different communities for their political benefits and to get the people’s mandates. He further alleged that organizations of different communities were used

for political gain by the earlier government in the State.