Not attending Assembly to register “vehement disgust” with undemocratic functioning, explains Chamli

Summit Report

Gangtok, 12 Dec:

Sikkim Democratic Front president, former Chief Minister PawanChamling, who has not been attending Assembly sessions since he was heckled by people sitting in the visitor’s gallery three years back, today reiterated that his absence from the Assembly was “to register my vehement disgust against their undemocratic functioning.”

Even as Mr Chamling has detailed his position on how the Assembly has been functioning, he has added that he will go to the Assembly from the next budget session onwards “and tell them to grow up and work as a government.”

In his weekly Facebook post uploaded on his page today, Mr Chamling, responding to a comment that his continued absence from the Assembly was disappoint his supporters, conceded, “I am fully aware that the people of Sikkim expect me to attend the assembly.”

He adds that the two times that he attended the assembly sessions during the present term left distasteful memories and disappointed him because the decorum of the House was allowed to be vitiated.

“…the entire treasury bench, like a pack of violent beasts, swooped in on me in a desperate attempt to heckle me. They looked like individuals possessed by some strange spirit of anger, hatred and enmity. To my utter shock, the Speaker and the Chief Minister watched the whole circus like amused spectators. None of them made a single attempt to quieten the treasury bench so that I could speak,” he writes.

The last time he was there, he was also heckled by a group seated in the visitors’ gallery, and thought this incident was reported in the papers and even brought to the Speaker’s notice, no action has been taken in the three years that have passed since, he points out.

“It simply proves that the Assembly, which is the temple of democracy, has become a den of goons,” he adds.

Mr Chamling further explains, “I waited for those in the legislative assembly to learn to speak truthfully and responsibly. But they failed me.”

For his supporters, Mr Chamling has some reassurance. He writes that he has given enough time for those concerned to do the right thing, and even though they have failed him and Sikkim, will attend the Assembly from the next budget session onwards.

“Enough is enough. I will wait no longer. I will go to the assembly from the next budget session and tell them to grow up and work as a government. I will tell the people who secured the Scheduled Tribes status for the LT communities and what hindered the reservation of their seat in the Assembly. I will tell them who lobbied for the grant for permission for the Karmapa to enter Sikkim and who created an obstacle for him enter even after so much time has passed since the permission was granted,” he details.