One more fatality even as fresh Covid cases continue to drop

Summit Report

Gangtok, 06 Feb:

Covid claimed one more life in Sikkim today with the death of a 67 year old Covid-positive male recorded at STNM Hospital here. The first Covid death in Sikkim was recorded on 26 July, 2020. Since then, the State has lost 435 lives to the virus. Taking the ongoing third wave to have begun on 08 Jan, 2022, this is the 26th life taken by Covid in the past month, and the third consecutive day that Sikkim has recorded a Covid death.

Meanwhile, even though the number of daily cases and positivity rate have been consistently falling over the past week, the severity of infections is registering a slight uptick.

As per the Daily Report of Covid-19 in Sikkim released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of the Health Department on Sunday morning, 69 new cases were detected in Sikkim at a daily test positivity rate of 7.2% from the screening of 959 samples yesterday.

The daily test positivity rate has been coming in at under-10% since 31 Jan. This is a substantial drop when considered against highest daily TPR of the third wave recorded at 29.7% on 20 Jan.

While the third wave has stayed true to its pattern of high virality and low pathogenicity for most of the time, over the past few days, even as the number of active cases has dropped, the number of patients presenting moderate and severe symptoms has climbed.

As per the IDSP report, of the 613 active cases in the State at present, 20 are down with severe symptoms and 33 are presenting moderate symptoms. While these are still relatively low numbers and don’t put the health infrastructure under any severe stress, this number was much lower even two days back even though there were more active cases here at the time.

For instance, on 04 Feb, against the 655 active cases, there were 18 with moderate and 19 with severe symptoms.

As for today’s numbers, 49 of the 69 new cases were recorded in East district, 19 in West, one in South and none in North district.

At present, there are 85 Covid patients admitted in hospital, 22 of them in ICU. Ten of those in hospital are under 18 years of age, two of whom are admitted in ICU.

During the third wave, of the 601 Covid patients admitted in hospital, 121 were under 18 years of age, all of whom, except the 10 currently hospitalised, have since been discharged.