PHE Dept AE Mr Karthik blames NHDCIL and Nagyan Construction Private Limited for damaging Namchi’s t


Namchi, 29 May:

Assistant engineer of PHE department of NamchiMrKarthik have solely blamed NHDCIL and Nagyan Construction Private Limited for the carelessness in building tunnel for state highway which have damaged three mainline water pipes in Rabongla Bye-pass which carries water to Namchi PHE in South Sikkim today. While stating that the road contractors in the past years had carelessly broke the mainline water pipes to the SummitTIMES, the assistant engineer of PHE department, MrKarthiksaid- "The feeder line which cater water from Bermelle to Namchi due to the negligence of NHDCIL and Nagyan Construction Private Limited, who are doing tunnel construction work for state highway and hill cutting works for tunnel have been damaged un-reparably. The new construction is being made without any proper safety of water catering pipes and a slide occurred in the area in the morning, yesterday. As soon as we got the message, I and PHED team went to slide zone which is in Rabongla Bye pass road for checking the damage. After seeing the slide we tried to restore pipes from damage occurred on them but couldnot do it as even a bench to lay a pipe was not left. Currently we are providing water from two new sources which have water available only during the monsoons". He also mentioned that the concerned company including the district collector of South Sikkim have been notified and requested for four times for shifting the water lines and had recently been told that the shifting of waterpipes have been sanctioned, but the construction company to speed up their work have damaged the main water source to Namchi in process of their working. As a result, Namchi has not received drinking water from PHE for two days. AE Karthik on the alternate water sources for Namchi have said that PHE department, for monsoon seasons, had already planned on providing uninterrupted water supply in Namchi from two sources viz., GhatteyKhola near Ghurpisey and GaddiKhola near Damthang for which the pipelines joining may be finished by today. Although, these two water sources have enough water content during monsoon season only.

As for the main line water pipe damages in Rabongla Bye-pass, the renovation can be possible only when the construction of the bridge or a wall is made in the damaged area, he said. To further notice, the damaged water pipes in Rabongla Bye pass with its continuous water flow can severely damage the villages beneath with possible landslides, Karthik added.