PHE Dept initiates action against consumers still with polypipe connections

Bikash Chettri

Namchi, 09 Nov:

After completion of the six-week notice, the PHE department of Namchi has started taking action against consumers who have failed to adhere to rules mentioned in the notice issued by the department on 18 Aug.

The notice included strict prohibition on usage of polypipes for water connection from PHE water reservoir to homes and buildings, and failure to adhere to this rule would force the department to disconnect or plug the pipes, as per 1990 Water Supply Acts, without any further notice.

"About 40% of the consumers have complied with the rules so far," said Assistant Engineer, Sonam Karthak.

He added that PHED Namchi gave time of one and a half month to consumers to replace their poly pipes with GI pipes to reduce leakage in and around Namchi. The department has started taking action those who have failed to convert their lines, said Mr Karthak.

He further stated that the department is trying its best to ensure regular water supply in Namchi.