R-Day in Sikkim with announcements,remembrances and stock-taking


Gangtok, 26 Jan: The State Government will introduce One Rank-One Pension in the State from the year 2022 onwards, Chief Minister PS Tamang has announced in his Republic Day message to the people of Sikkim. While on the topic of pension, he adds that the rate of pension has been increased by his Government in addition to the pension provided by the Government of India. “The Government

with the object to provide a sense of security to our women has also reduced the age limit for availing

Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme from 40 years to 21 years, while also enhancing the

rate substantially. Likewise, the old-age pension has been increased from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 for

the age between 60-70, Rs 2000 from Rs 1500 for 70- 80 and Rs 2500 for those above 80,” he states in his message. As for the One Rank- One Pension promise, he added on Tuesday that the State Government will issue a Notification to this effect shortly. He added that the State government has also proposed to create a Sikkim Women’s Police Special Task Force and invited women to take benefit of this opportunity. The CM further informed that the State government was focusing on developing alternate modes of transport like tunnels, cable cars, etc which will substantially reduce the pressure on the highway and lessen traffic woes. He also urged every Sikkimese people to take full advantage of the opportunities being created to truly gain from the avenues that have been created by Government adding. “Build your dreams and collectively work towards making the State and the Nation stronger and shine even brighter,” he stressed. The state-level Republic Day was celebrated at Paljor Stadium on Tuesday with Governor Ganga Prasad unfurling the Tricolor and reviewing the Republic Day parade by personnel from ITBP, SSB, SAP, 1st and 3rd IRBn, Army Pipe Band and Sikkim Police Pipe and

Brass Band. Chief Minister PS Tamang was present as the guest of honour. The Governor, while congratulating the people on the occasion, also remembered the sacrifices of the uniformed

personnel shared his deep sense of gratitude towards martyrs who laid down their lives maintaining the security and integrity of our country. He also highlighted that the State Government, despite the hardships caused by the nationwide lockdown imposed to combat Covid-19, has “efficaciously maintained the delicate balance of safeguarding the people from the infectious virus while ensuring economic stability of the State.” The State government has been performing phenomenally well and did

not undertake any cut in salaries even as “every single formative plan and undertaking of the State Government has been taken up in its right earnest.” The CM also echoed these sentiments when said in his message for the day that: “Our policies are directed towards providing a favourable environment

and conditions for steady economic growth. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive distress across the globe, we feel proud that the State of Sikkim has performed well even during these trying times. There has been no cut in salaries to be disbursed and all development plans and

schemes have been undertaken with full commitment.” In terms of health facilities, the Governor informed about the latest improvement in terms of first Viral Research & Diagnostic Laboratory at

STNM Hospital, Sochyagang which was established by the State Government while tests for the infectious disease were conducted free of cost. The newly inaugurated 117 bedded ICU Hospital has been converted into a hospital for treatment of Covid-19. In addition, the New STNM Hospital at Sochaygang has also been equipped with an Oncology Centre and an Oxygen Plant. Also, two Neurosurgeons have been appointed at the Hospital to provide the best of healthcare services. With these systems in place, the New STNM is fully well poised to benefit the people and provide state of the art healthcare facilities. Dialysis Centres are now fully functional at Gyalshing, Namchi and Gangtok. New ICUs are also operational at Gyalshing and Namchi Hospitals. Gyalshing Hospital now operates a 10 bedded ICUs Hospital as well as a new TB hospital and a Blood Bank. Under Ayushaman Bharat, enrolment has increased by over 6 times since the formation of the State Government, he detailed.

The Chief Minister, in turn, stressed, “The Government has stood by its commitment to strengthening the health sector to allow easy, affordable medical facilities in remote areas.” The Governor also maintained that the State Government has made headway in ensuring comprehensive development in the education sector, some key initiatives have been undertaken which shall fast track the goal. The Governor also addressed the issue of traffic congestion in the Capital and stated that the State Government

has deliberated on a number of ways aimed at curbing it. The State Government is further looking towards developing perennial routes with reduced distance and travel time between strategically significant areas by building tunnels along various locations throughout the State, he informed. Also on the day, Police Personnel from the state were feted with President’s Police Medal and exemplary employees of the State Government awarded the Sikkim State Meritorious Service Award