Road to Saffo: 30 yrs in the making and still incomplete

MANGAN, 22 Jun: The people of Saffo and Salim Pakel of North Sikkim have voiced their dismay over the delay in construction of a road that was started 30 years ago! They have said that 107 GREF has not completed the road from CWC to their village which was started in 1991 and has since been abandoned. This road via CWC in Upper Dzongu can make life easier for people of Saffo and Salim Pakel since they can reach BAC and SDM office in Dzongu in around 30 minutes. The other road via

Shipgyer Toong takes 4 hours. This road is also regularly blocked due to landslides during the monsoon season. The public of these two villages have appealed to the District Administration North and the state government to look into matter as early as possible.