Sadam incident an SDF plot to create terror, alleges SKM

Summit Report

Gangtok, 10 Jan:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party today said that the Sadam incident was a plot by Sikkim Democratic Front to create terror and fear in the area. The party in power further said that it was a retaliation to the heckling faced by SDF president Pawan Chamling in Melli Bazaar some days ago.

While strongly criticizing and condemning the attack on SKM workers, SKM chief coordinator [press, publicity and social media] Bikash Basnet alleged that the incident proves that the SDF leader had entered Sikkim on 30 December with a set mindset to create unrest in the State.

He further added that SDF is still continuing the practice of political violence and murders which it used during its 25 years government. He alleged that the SDF president visited Sadam Tarey Bhir area with the intention to create violence and terror among the people by instigating his supporters.

If SDF’s allegations are true then why did its workers not file any complaint in the police station and why are there no records of them visiting a health centre, questioned Mr Basnet.

“It was pre-planned by SDF, otherwise why would they hold a press conference to make false allegations against SKM instead of filing an FIR,” he said.

He further questioned the need for a motorcade of around 40 vehicles if the SDF president was only visiting relatives. He alleged that supporters were also carrying weapons.

While narrating the incident, SKM youth general secretary, Ong Tshering Lepcha mentioned that they were conducting door-to-door membership drive campaign and distributing party calendars at Sadam-TareyBhir area on 09 Jan when they were interrupted by SDF party workers who raised slogans against SKM and its leader.

He alleged that the SDF president and other leaders instigated and directed youths with them to attack. He further accused SDF workers of attacking them with sharp weapons, sticks and stones which injured SKM workers. He demanded that SDF apologize to the people who sustained injuries in the attack.

Likewise, SKM Melli CLC general secretary, TB Gurung stated that the Sadam incident was revenge for the Melli incident. He demandedstrong legal action from the administration against all involved in the attack.

SKM publicity secretary, Krishna Lepcha alleged that the SDF president has taken to violence as he cannot stand the state flourishing under the good governance of SKM party.

Responding to media queries, Mr Basnet stated that the protest and sloganeering against MrChamling at Melli bazaar was done by the people in anguish and not by SKM workers.