SDF celebrates Sampoorna Kranti Diwas with felicitation of youth leaders

Summit Report

Gangtok, 22 Jun:

Sikkim Democratic Front celebrated the 30th Sampoorna Kranti Diwas here at SDF Bhawan on Wednesday with the felicitation of its youth leaders for their continuing contributions to the party.

SDF president, former president Pawan Chamling, was present as the chief guest accompanied by leaders and party workers from different parts of the State.

In his address, Mr Chamling explained that the party was honoring its youth leaders in recognition of their sincere work for the party even at the cost of going to jail and served as an inspiration for other youth in the party.

In this regard he alleged that the present government has been targeting SDF leaders and party workers with false allegations and conspiracies and even physical attacks to make them weak. He also alleged that Sikkim Police was functioning as SKM party cadre.

Mr Chamling alleged the anarchy unleashed by the present government has compromised the law and order environment.

He shared that in such a difficult situation, the SDF party has been working for the protection of the people to give justice to the people of Sikkim. He said that the SDF has full faith in the Courts and was looking towards it to deliver justice to the people.

He also appealed to the party workers to observe the annual '10 Minutes to Earth’ programme on 25 June by involving local people of their respective localities across the State. He added that this was not just a programme of the SDF party but of the Sikkimese people and has deep meaning and relevance of Sikkim's connection to its environment.

He also tore into the SKM Government with a series of allegations and accused it of trying to unravel everything that the SDF Government of 25 years had achieved for Sikkim.

“We worked with a vision for Sikkim and gave our age and time in the 25 years of SDF government but Sikkim has been totally destroyed in just three years by the SKM government,” Mr Chamling said.

He shared that SDF was now cleansed of opportunistic leaders and was energised by sincere and active youth members who are making the party stronger.

In conclusion, he quipped that Sikkim was witnessing a new political dimension, one which the SKM was a party full of leaders while the people of Sikkim were in the SDF.