SDF demands judicial enquiry into forged FIR scandal

Sagar Chhetri

Gangtok, 26 Aug: Sikkim Democratic Front today demanded a judicial enquiry headed by a retired High Court judge into the forged FIR scandal which has been playing out in the public domain for the

past few days. Addressing a press conference, SDF vice-president [cheli morcha], Sakun Gurung,

contended that since a big name of the present government had been dragged into the complaint,

only an independent enquiry will be able to get to the truth and nail those behind the forged FIR which has led to despicable comments aimed at defaming a woman. She also expressed disappointment with the deafening silence of the State Women’s Commission on the issue even though a woman has been so publicly targeted. “It is also very disappointing to see that there is still no word from the

Chairperson of the State Women Commission on the matter. If the Chairperson cannot give justice

to a member of the commission, then how can she give justice to the lay women of Sikkim,” she contended. On the same, she further alleged that the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha and its government have no genine concern for women. She also lashed out against Sikkim Police for its disinterest in getting to the bottom of the case and effectively investigating who was behind the forgery or finding out

how the FIR leaked. SDF general secretary [cheli morcha], Divya Sharma, in turn challenged

the Sikkim Police claim of the case having being closed on 22 July and went on to claim that she has evidence related to the allegations which she would share only with a judicial enquiry or the Sikkimey Naagarik Samaj which had released copies of the FIR and demanded action. SDF also stands with

Sikkimey Naagarik Samaj on the issue if they were genuine in their concern, they added.