Sikkim loses 423rd life to Covid; 14th death of 3rd Wave

Summit Report

Gangtok, 24 Jan:

Covid claimed one more life in Sikkim today when a 31-year-old lady passed away at STNM Hospital. This was the 423rd life lost to Covid in Sikkim and the 14th such death in the ongoing third wave here. This was also the fifth consecutive day that a Covid fatality was recorded in Sikkim. Over these five days, Sikkim has lost five lives to the virus.

Taking 08 Jan, 2022, as the start of the third wave here [since that is the date on which deaths started occurring and infections started rising], Sikkim has recorded 4,492 new cases in the 17 days and 14 deaths. The high infection-rate and comparatively lower number of severities holds true to the pattern recorded the world over for the third wave.

For instance, in the second wave [starting 22 April, 2021], in the first 17 days, the State recorded much fewer new infections at 2,747 fresh cases, but a much higher mortality at 29 deaths [in the first 17 days].

As per the latest Daily Report of Covid-19 in Sikkim released Monday morning by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of Health Department, of the 2,107 active Covid cases in the State at present, 2,075 of the patients are either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic while 16 have moderate symptoms and 16 have severe symptoms.

In comparison to the second wave, which had overwhelmed the health infrastructure, the third wave, because the severity is low thus far, has the hospitals busy but not overstretched.

As per the IDSP Report, while 94 of the 100 isolation beds without Oxygen support are currently already occupied, only 16 of the 223 isolation beds with O2 support are occupied at present, leaving 93% of such beds free for the more serious cases.

Similarly, while 16 of the 48 simple ICU beds are occupied, only one of the 48 ICU beds ventilator support is currently occupied.

Clearly then, the pressure on health infrastructure available for Covid patients has not increased yet and one must also bear in mind that the State also has additional resources at hand to supplement the existing facilities if required in the future.

Meanwhile, Sikkim posted a daily test positivity rate of 18.5% today with 115 new cases recorded from the screening of 670 samples in the past 24 hours. Yesterday being a Sunday, much fewer tests were carried out. Be that as it may, the lower positivity rate is still something Sikkim can draw comfort from. This is the second consecutive day that the positivity rate has come in below 20% after having gone nine straight days with daily positivity in the high twenties.

Of the new cases, 77 were detected in rapid antigen testing of 504 samples, while 37 were picked up in RT-PCR testing of 113 samples and one more in TruNat testing of three samples.

Of the 115 new cases, 62 were registered in East District, 45 in West District, 07 in South District and 01 North District. Sikkim’s tally of the confirmed cases of covid-19 today crossed the 37,000-mark and currently stands at 37,096.

In the meantime, the State recorded more recoveries than new cases for the second consecutive day today with 331 patients getting discharged from home isolation on Sunday after making full recoveries. The State's count of recovered cases has accordingly climbed to 33,987 at a current recovery rate of 93.1%.

Of the 2,107 Covid positive cases in the State, 126 are currently hospitalised and the rest are recovering under home isolation.

Of those in hospital, 16 are admitted in ICU. While there are 24 under 18 year olds in hospital, 15 of whom were admitted in the past 24 hours, none of them is in ICU.