Sikkim Police breaks silence on forged FIR incident, explains how case was closed


Sagar Chettri

Gangtok, 24 Aug:

DIG-Range, Sikkim Police, Prawin Gurung, informed a press conference today that the FIR posted with a forged signature which has become the most talked-about incident over the past few days was being investigated to get to the bottom of who hatched this conspiracy and leaked incomplete information about it. Interestingly, it also appears that the leaked FIR shared by SNS and also being circulated on social media appear to be copies made before it was received and processed by the police. This adds a new dimension to the whole drama.

He confirmed the timeline related to said FIR and informed that it is dated 06 July and arrived at the SP-East’s office by speed-post on 09 July and complained about an incident purported to have happened on 11 November, 2020. The SP was on leave at the time and became privy to the FIR on 12 July and marked it down to the SDPO. On 15 July, the investigating officer tried to contact the person recorded in the FIR as the complainant, and on 16th, the said person rejected the FIR as forged and informed the IO that neither were contents of the complaint true nor was it sent by her. This is something that even the person to whom the FIR has been attributed to has already clarified.

On 22 July, the case was closed upon completion of enquiry, he added. And that is how the matter remained until a few days back when Sikkimey Naagarik Samaj brought up the issue and accused Sikkim Police of having covered-up the FIR. The DIG reiterated that this was not the case and that the a preliminary enquiry, as prescribed by law, was carried out and the matter closed after the person named as the complainant denied having written it.

The matter has attracted a lot of chatter in Sikkim, and the person to whom the FIR is attributed and the person named as the accused in it, have both filed individual FIRs on SNS for having dragged their names into the controversy based on a forged document.

While Sikkim Police has registered these FIRs and registered a case against three office bearers of Sikkimey Naagarik Samaj- Tseten Tashi Bhutia, Bharat Basnet and Passang Sherpa, it is not clear what sleuthing skills have been deployed to finding out who hatched the original conspiracy, posted the allegedly forged FIR and then leaked it.

The DIG also informed that the SNS office-bearers have already visited the Thana and recorded their statements.

He also claimed that the police have registered a separate case and the matter was under investigation to find out who wrote and sent the said FIR and who leaked it on social media.

Interestingly, he also stressed that the copy of the FIR being circulated on social media had not leaked from the police and that this was obvious from the absence of any official notings on the copy in circulation. The FIR received by the police has notings by the different officers who processed it while the one in circulation appears to a copy of the original document before it was posted.