Sikkim Police losing credibility with its partisan conduct: Bhaichung

Summit Report

Gangtok, 03 Apr:

Hamro Sikkim Party working president, Bhaichung Bhutia, today contended that the people of Sikkim have been losing faith in Sikkim Police, especially when it comes to political issues because the force has been increasingly behaving in a partisan manner.

Addressing a press conference here today accompanied by his party's spokesperson Biraj Adhikari, Mr Bhutia alleged that while Sikkim Police take no or slack action on complaints by opposition parties, it springs into action against opposition party workers on complaints by those aligned with Sikkim Krantikari Morcha.

Mr Bhutia stressed that the police should work in a more transparent and democratic manner.

He remarked that Sikkim Police enjoys a good image in the country and hence needs to work in a non-partisan manner to maintain its credibility.

He alleged that SKM was running a parallel government in the state not being able to differentiate between party and government and added that even panchayats have been defanged because their powers have been usurped by party workers.

SKM would do well if it concentrated on governance and not petty party politics.

Speaking on this budget session, Mr Bhutia urged all MLAs to use the House to discuss and deliberate on issues of Sikkim and not personal attacks.

He further demanded that assembly sessions be broadcast live in the future.

He alleged that projects and works passed in the budget will be awarded to people from outside.

The Parivartan that people voted for in 2019 was for change, not to sell Sikkim's heritage and assets, he said, adding that people will now need to vote for real change in 2024 to save Sikkim.