Sikkim records 66 Covid infections and 50 recoveries

Summit Report

Gangtok, 17 Aug: Sikkim today recorded a daily test positivity rate of 11.24% with 66 of the 587 samples screened in the past 24 hours returning positive. As per the Daily Report of Covid-19 in Sikkim released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of Health Department on Wednesday morning, 22 of these cases were registered in Gangtok district, 09 in Pakyong, 17 in Gyalshing, 07 in

Soreng, 03 in Namchi and 08 in Mangan district. The tally of confirmed cases of Covid-19 recorded

in Sikkim since testing began here on 28 Feb, 2020, now stands at 43,184. While 56 of the new cases were picked up in rapid antigen testing of 477 samples, 10 were found in RT-PCR of 110 samples.

In the meantime, 50 more Covid patients were discharged from home isolations to further improve the number of so recovered cases to 41,681 in Sikkim. As per the IDSP report, there are currently 242 ctive

Covid cases in Sikkim, of whom 22 are admitted in hospital, including the four in ICU and the three in HDU wards. No Covid deaths were reported here in the past 24 hours and the Covid toll continues

to hold at 481. In the continuation of Covid vaccination drive, 3,190 people took the precautionary

third dose of Covishield on Tuesday while 93 adults took their regular dose of Covishield. Likewise,

76 in the 15 to 18 age-group took their Covaxin shots and 16 children aged between 12 to 14 years received their CorBEvax jabs in Sikkim yesterday.