Sikkim records more recoveries than new cases for third consecutive day


Summit Report

Gangtok, 09 Jun:

More and more Sikkimese continue to beat the Novel Coronavirus and make full recoveries, and today, for the third consecutive day, the State witnessed more recoveries than new cases. Against the 231 new cases detected from the testing of 2,135 samples [giving Sikkim a Test Positivity Rate of 10.80% today], a staggering 371 formerly Covid-positive people completed their home isolation without symptoms are returned to their normal lives in the past 24 hours.

For those still worrying about the State's recovery rate which currently stands at 75.10% need to bear in mind is that since the statistics are dynamic, in that new cases continue to be detected even as people infected in the past two-three weeks continue to be convalescing, unless the cases stop or come down substantially, recovery rates worked out daily numbers will not reflect the true picture.

For instance, if one was to take the data just for the past three days, then a completely different picture emerges. Over these three days, Sikkim detected 545 new cases - 59 on Monday, 255 on Tuesday and 231 today. Over the same three days, the State reported 989 recoveries - 312 on Monday, 286 on Tuesday and 371 today.

The figure of recovered cases of COVID-19 crossed the 13,000-mark today and currently stands at 13,265.

Given the traumatic month and half that the State has spent with Covid-19, it should perhaps be this number that people draw comfort from and continue keeping safe and bring infections even lower. These numbers should not however lead to complacency, and that is where the right messaging from experts should be prioritised and conveyed because the virus itself is not going away any time soon.

The government should ensure continued mass testing and intelligently planned vaccination while the people accept that the virus cannot be taken lightly and take proper precautions. It is important to bear in mind that the virus claimed more lives in Sikkim in the past month and a half than it did in the previous year.

In the past 24 hours as well, Sikkim lost one more life to Covid when a patient passed away at STNM Hospital. The state's COVID death toll has increased to 276.

In the meantime, the 231 new cases have taken the State's tally of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 to 17,656.

Out of 231 new cases, 141 were detected in RT-PCR testing of 1106 samples, while 89 more cases were found in rapid antigen testing of 1026 samples and one person also found positive for COVID-19 in TruNat testing of three samples.

Among the new cases, 140 were registered in East District, 34 in West District, 55 in South District and 02 in North District.

At present, there are 3,869 active Covid cases in the State, of whom 23 are currently admitted in ICU facilities of STNM hospital and Central Referral Hospital, Tadong.