Sikkim's Covid test positivity rate calms down to 0.5%

Summit Report

Gangtok, 30 Mar:

Sikkim's daily test positivity rate calmed down to 0.5% with only one new case reported from the screening of 194 samples in the past 24 hours.

The weekly positivity rate [of the last 7 days] is a shade lower at 0.4%, a low figure which is reassuringly lower than the cumulative positivity rate of the last two years which looms much higher at 11.8%.

As per the Daily Report of Covid-19 in Sikkim released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of Health Department, this one case was registered in East Sikkim where 141 of the 194 samples tested yesterday were screened.

Sikkim's Covid death toll stands at 452, which gives Sikkim a current case fatality rate of 1.17%. Thus far, 39,139 Covid cases have been recorded in the State, 746 of whom "migrated" after testing positive.

In the past 24 hours, two Covid patients made full recoveries and were discharged from home isolation to raise the number of people who have beaten Covid thus far to 37,930 to give the State a current recovery rate of 98.8%.

As per the IDSP report, there are currently 11 active cases of Covid in the State, two of whom are down with severe symptoms while nine are either asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms. Relatedly then, there are only two Covid patients admitted in hospital at present, both in the ICU.

On the vaccination front, even though the adults and those aged between 15 to 18 years appear to have gone slack in getting their vaccine shot, the 12 to 14 year-olds are lining up in stronger numbers.

Yesterday, 637 children aged 12-14 received their corBEvax shots, and now 21.38% [5,561] of this age-group have received their first shot.

Among the adults, only 13 showed up at the vaccination centres for their first shot of Covishield while 81 received their second dose. The number of adults who have received both shots of the vaccin has hovered at 95.05% for a while now and the last mile coverage remains unmet. While a little over 5.29 lakh adults have received the first dose of Covishield, only around 4.91 lakh of them have taken the second dose thus far.

The numbers are poorer for the 15-18 age-group, only 86.30% [35,387] of whom [total numbering 41,000] have taken the first shot Covaxin, 117 of whom did so yesterday.

Second dose coverage of Covaxin in this age-group is still lower at 65.09% even after 81 of them took the second shot yesterday.

Also yesterday, 107 people received the precautionary dose in Sikkim to take the number of so vaccinated here to 39,957.