Sikkim’s overall Test Positivity Rate down to 9.04%, but fatalities remain a worry

Gangtok, 02 Jun: In a clearly combined effect of the lockdown and growing awareness among the people to maintain Covid-protocols, infections of novel coronavirus in Sikkim are showing a marked

fall in the Test Positivity Rate even if the absolute numbers remain higher than the State saw in the first

wave. Today’s 250 new cases, for instance, were picked up in the testing of 2,765 samples in the last 24 hours. This gives Sikkim a Test Positivity Rate of 9.04%, a substantial reduction in the TPR recorded at the peak of the second wave for the past few weeks when this number was consistently crossing the

30% mark.The mass testing drive underway in the State is also helping detect new infections early and isolating people before the virus can be transmitted on a scale that was seen when tests were taken only after severe Covid symptoms had set in. While 164 cases were detected in RT-PCR testing of 890 samples [giving this test a TPR of 18.42%], one new case was detected in TruNat testing of three samples and only 85 persons returned positive for COVID-19 in rapid antigen testing of 1,872 samples [TPR of 4.54%]. What the latest data also hints at is that the virus is reasonably under check in East Sikkim where only 100 new cases were reported today, overtaken in a rare occasion by South district

where 107 new cases were reported. West Sikkim had 41 new cases while two more cases were reported from North Sikkim. Fatalities due to COVID, however, keep Sikkim under a pall of gloom with three more Covid deaths reported in the last 24 hours taking Sikkim’s COVID toll to 260. All three deaths were reported from STNM Hospital. Meanwhile, there were 29 Covid patients were hospitalised today after they reported severe symptoms. There are currently 228 patients in Covid wards of hospitals across the State, of whom 34 are in ICU. Also over the same 24 hours, 18 patients responded well to

care received in hospitals and were discharged into home isolation. At present, there are 339

Covid-positive people in Covid Care Centres being run by the State Government, 15 in paid

quarantine centres and 3,422 in home isolation. In the latest set of recoveries, 136 were discharged from home isolation after making full recoveries, taking the number of recovered cases of

COVID-19 in Sikkim to 11,299. The number of active cases of novel coronavirus in Sikkim currently stands at 4,103 while Sikkim’s tally of confirmed cases of COVID-19 recorded thus far has now reached 15,876.