SKM-BJP alliance govt too strong to be sabotaged: CM

Summit Report

Gangtok, 17 Jan:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha and Bharatiya Janata Party were in partnership in Sikkim and running an alliance government, Chief Minister PS Tamang, who is also the SKM party president, reiterated today.

“We are working for Sikkim like brothers,” he stressed, while addressing a function at Nandugaon in his constituency, Poklok-Kamrang, on Sunday. Also among the guests on the stage today were the BJP-Sikkim president, DB Chauhan, and BJP MLA YT Lepcha.

The CM’s comments were clearly in response to the growing chatter in political circles here that former Chief Minister, SDF president Pawan Chamling, was in Delhi to negotiate a possible induction into the BJP and then destabilizing the SKM Government in Sikkim.

Sikkim Republican Party, it may be recalled, had recently claimed that such a move was afoot.

The State Government in Sikkim, Mr Tamang, pointed out was a strong alliance with 31 of the 32 members of the Legislative Assembly wearing either SKM or BJP colors.

SDF, it may be recalled, lost 10 MLAs to BJP and two to SKM shortly after losing the 2019 assembly elections leaving Mr Chamling as the only SDF MLA in the House.

Any attempt to destabilize this alliance were futile, Mr Tamang stressed.

Also today, the CM reiterated his allegation that the petition in High Court challenging the "One Family One Job" scheme had been funded by Mr Chamling and assured that the State Government will fight for the security of the OFOJ appointees right till the Supreme Court if required.

He also thanked the BJP MLAs for supporting the State Government's resolution seeking Tribal status for the 12 communities.