SKM challenges Chamling’s allegations about Assembly proceedings

Summit Report

Gangtok, 13 Dec:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has countered former Chief Minister, SDF president Pawan Chamling’s allegations on the manner in which Assembly proceedings are being conducted under the SKM Government.

SKM’s chief coordinator for Press & Publicity/Social Media,Bikash Basnet, in a press statement released today, has questioned Mr Chamling’s moral right to raise questions about Assembly sessions and countered alleged that Mr Chamling “used the sacred SLA as his personal fiefdom where the last echoes of justice and fairness were strangled and throttled.”

“Does anyone even read the self absorbed Q&A releases issued by Sikkim Democratic Front supremo Shri. Pawan Kumar Chamling?” Mr Basnet opens his press release. The latest allegations, it may be recalled, were included in Mr Chamling’s weekly post of Facebook in which he gives a detailed answer to a question on the current political scene.

Mr Basnet, in his response, adds: “For twenty-five years there are unaccountable events when you made a mockery of the SLA by muzzling opposition members, when unethical charges were made against the members of the Press fraternity or via intoxicated speeches made against opposition members which you used to deliver in the assembly.”

He adds that “Sikkim will never forget the day” when the present CM was “humiliatingly ejected from the SLA when he stood to voice against your autocratic regime.”

He also draws attention to what he contends were incidents of “incessant humiliation and chastising” of former CM Nar BahadurBhandariin the Assembly when.

“It is shameful to blame SKM citing about sanctity and dignity of SLA when it was in your regime where zero hour, question hour of assembly were put on hold and also several written starred questions of opposition MLAs were put into unstarred category directly strangulating the voice of opposition members, many a times questions were never answered or unaddressed. You even boycotted the oath taking ceremony of Hon'ble Speaker of SLA and now you want to preach the rest of us about Democracy and question Hon'ble Speaker about the nature of conducting business?” Mr Basnet adds.

Mr Basnet also reminds Mr Chamling of his announcement that since he saw the present CM as an “illegal” CM, he had vowed never to step foot in the Assembly.

“Its pity to see you eat your own words and deciding step back in. Well, better late than never as they say, we will welcome Shri. PawanChamling when he finally decides to step into the SLA where our legislatures will fittingly reply to all your allegations and conspiracy theories,” he concludes.

Mr Chamling, it may be added here, has also announced that after avoiding assembly sessions for nearly three years, he will be attending the assembly from the next budget session onwards.