SKM govt not only inefficient, but also cruel: Chamling


Gangtok, 25 Apr: Continuing with the his Sunday commentary on politics in the State, Sikkim Democratic Front president, former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, today hauled the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha

"The level of satisfaction yet again, characterising it as not only inefficient but also "extremely cruel." "Cruelty is more dangerous than inefficiency," he adds to drive the point home. An SDF press release shares Mr Chamling's response to a question posed o him on his Facebook page asking him to rate the present State Government. "The level of satisfaction among the people of Sikkim regarding the quality of governance has reached its lowest point in Sikkim history," he contends, claiming further that there was "widespread frustration, dissatisfaction and anguish in people from all walks of life." After listing out the many things promised by SKM for delivery within 100 days of forming the government, all of which

remain awaited two years down the line, Mr Chamling stresses that government employees feel humiliated in the face of "open threats in public" from the CM, entrepreneurs are frustrated by govt policies benefiting business people from outside, and argues that media is being arm-twisted with victimisation of family members "rampant among those who question the government." The only people benefiting from the SKM Government are the "handful who cozy-up to the CM along with the Ministers and MLAs who are garnering benefits in every possible way," Mr Chamling claims. "The government

restricts the freedom of the people and media to express their opinions in order to hide the government's

inefficiency. Why does the government send dozens of people to conduct press conferences when concerned and responsible citizens raise their concerns against the government’s wrongdoings?

Instead of lecturing the media, they should focus on governance and address the people’s issues.

Instead of expressing their anger and frustration in public, they should humbly admit their mistakes

and amend them," Mr Chamling advices. He closes by claiming that "the very people who took the SDF

government for granted have now begun to see the real value of it." "They are missing us," he claims