SKM setting grounds to murder Chamling: SDF

Summit Report

Gangtok, 12 Jan:

Sikkim Democratic Front party spokesperson, JB Darnal, today levelled a serious allegation against the SKM Government, contending that the recent political violence in the State was SKM setting up grounds to murder the SDF president, former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.

He argued that the repeated questions being raised by Sikkim Krantikari Morcha about Mr Chamling attending social functions with a motorcade accompanying him instead of travelling with fewer vehicles, and attacks on him during these social visits made doubts of a conspiracy against him stronger.

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Darnal alleged that such incidents were not happening for the first time and that Mr Chamling has been targeted in this manner by SKM in the past as well.

“SKM party youth have now started expressing their dissatisfaction with the party in the absence of a programme for youth and are losing their commitment and attachment to the party. So, SKM has been instigating youth towards violence to distract them and keep them occupied,” he alleged.

He accused the ruling party of indulging in politics of lies and misdirection.

Mr Darnal contended that the SKM has been successful in instigating the youth towards violence and claimed that the attacks on the SDF president on 08 and 09 January in Melli constituency and the torching of a vehicle at Jorethang were manifestations of this ploy.

He urged the youth not to get used by the SKM for such nefarious activities.

Responding to a media query on why the party had not filed an FIR on the Melli and Sadam-Suntaley incidents, he said the party has in fact filed many FIRs and submitted memorandums to different authorities but all were left pending and no action has been take by the concerned authorities.

Another SDF spokesperson, Bandhana Sharma, in turn alleged that SKM has been holding political meetings despite the latest Covid-19 guidelines issued by its own government prohibiting political meetings and even social gatherings.