Festive season continues in Sikkim and today, members of the Gurung community celebrated Tamu-Lhochhar in grand manner at the community hall at Rongli Melatar in East Sikkim.

Organized by Boudha Sanskar Sudhar Samiti (BSSS) of Dalapchan, Rongli, the function had Advisor to the Chief Minister, Rohit Raj Maharaj, as chief guest accompanied by area MLA KB Rai, SKM's constituency in-charge Dambar Kumar Pradhan and others as special guests.

Also today, the chief guest on behalf of the organizers felicitatited two familiar faces of the Gurung community, Roshnila Gurung, a social worker and government employee , and cricketer Diksha Gurung, for making the community proud with their work and success.

Addressing the event, the

chief guest delved on the significance of Tamu Lhochhar and congratulated the organizers of putting together the programme. He stressed that all communities should come together to build Sikkim.

He also spoke on the need to move beyond, community, caste, religion and ethnic divisions even as individual communities conserve their heritage. He said that the present government has given full autonomy to communities to promote their ethnic traditions and culture.

He emphasized that good deeds should be done together.

He shared that since he was a religious leader, he was above ethnic programs but since he was in a nominated post of the government, he attends ethnic and community specific rograms with the message of unity.

He added that Sikkim should build with a positive outlook and that the state will prosper only if all communities were united.

An entertaining performance of Gurung language songs and dances was the highlight of the day.

The organizers shared that although a state-level, much grander celebration of Tamu Lhochhar was on the anvil, such celebrations at the sub-district level provided an opportunity to the youth here to learn more about their language, culture and costumes.

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