Test positivity calms down to 3.4%, hospitalisation remain low Sikkim sees no new Covid deaths

Summit Report

Gangtok, 05 Dec:

Sikkim reported ten fresh cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours at a manageable daily test positivity rate of 3.4%, and reassuringly, the spike recorded a few days back appears to have been a localized event and has not spread wider.

The spike, it may be recalled, was recorded at Namchi Jail earlier this week where 65 infections were detected in one go. In the latest numbers, the only two new cases in South district have come from the Namchi Jail. The number of inmates now quarantined at Namchi Jail, which has been declared a Covid Care Centre, now stands at 62. The rest of the cases detected there are of prison staff who are under home isolation.

Also significantly for Sikkim, the proportion of its adult population now fully vaccinated against Covid-19 inched past 91% and now stands at 91.09%.

With the 10 new cases, Sikkim’s count of confirmed cases of COVID-19 since testing began on 28 Feb, 2020, now stands at 32,369. There were no new Covid deaths reported in the past 24 hours and the toll stands at 405, a number it had reached a day earlier.

The 10 new cases were detected from the testing of 296 samples yesterday, seven via in RT-PCR testing of 189 samples and three in rapid antigen testing of 106 samples. Of the new cases, eight were registered in East District [from 217 samples] and two in South District [from 14 samples]. All the 59 samples screened in West Sikkim and six in North Sikkim returned negative yesterday.

In the meantime, eight more Covid patients made full recoveries and were discharged from home isolation yesterday to improve the number of recovered cases in Sikkim to 31,408. Sikkim’s current recovery rate stands at 98.1%.

At present, there are 215 active cases of Covid-19 in Sikkim, and while this number is nearly double of what Sikkim was recording until a week back, reassuringly for Sikkim, the number of severe cases has not grown here. The number of hospitalisations remains low among Covid patients and, at present, there are only 13 Covid patients with symptoms severe enough to require hospitalisation and the remaining 202 people who have tested positive are recovering under isolation at home.

What is more, none of those in hospital is in the ICU. The noticeably mild nature of Covid infections can be credited to the extensive vaccination achieved by Sikkim, which, with 774 people receiving their Covishieldjabs yesterday, has fully vaccinated [both shots] 4,70,980 of the State’s adult population of 5,17,000.

Yesterday, 691 people completed their vaccination schedule with the second dose while 83 received their first shot of the vaccine.