They are selling their post, Chamlingon SDF leaders joining SKM


GANGTOK, 28 Feb: Former Chief Minister and Sikkim Democratic Front president Pawan Chamling has said that all leaders who have left SDF are selling the post and position they earned in the party. He said this while responding to his weekly question-answer initiative, an SDF press release informs. Responding to this week's question on why some leaders and workers leaving SDF will not have any real impact, Mr Chamling said that the state’s longest serving party will grow into a better and stronger party with renewed energy. Responding to the question on how the SDF party is going to keep its flock together and march ahead when so many leaders and workers are leaving the party to join the ruling

party, Mr Chamling said, “As a senior politician, I have learnt that politics doesn’t depend on a large number of leaders. Nor does it depend on self-proclaimed leaders and workers joining a party. We have seen them all. Ours was the party with the largest number of leaders and the largest number of workers joining our party even in the last election. But we lost the election despite all of that.” Those achievements also do not help politics and this has been a sad realization, he added. While explaining

where SDF failed, Mr Chamling said, “We failed to realize that the SDF party was becoming more like a corporate house where many leaders and workers were coming for personal gain – jobs, business,

contracts, tickets, posts, positions, etc. There were plenty of so-called leaders and workers who

personalized gains and socialized losses. The party was filled with a large number of hypocrites.

We were looking at the large multitude of leaders but we failed to see the hypocrites in that multitude who were with us for the sole objective of building their own homes by destroying the party.” He added that Sikkim politics needs leaders and people who are willing to struggle. He stated that in fact, the past election highlighted more the defeat of SDF and not the victory of the SKM.People were compelled

to vote for them because the SDF failed to see the party’s internal problems and people wanted to support the SDF but they had seen hypocrites in the party who were behaving like saints in front of us and bullying people when they were in the field, said Mr Chamling.“All those so-called leaders who have left the SDF are now selling their post and position that they earned in the SDF. The former Ministers,

former MLAs, former Chairperson, former this and former that - they are now merchandizing the names and titles that the SDF party gave them,” Mr Chamling said. They will leave the SKM party when it loses

the election in the future, he added. This is a time of political Great Depression in Sikkim, he said further

adding that when the USA and then the world suffered the Great Depression in the 1930s, the then US President, Franklin Roosevelt had initiated a New Deal (1933-1939) to fight the economic recession.

“Sikkim is in need of a political New Deal and, believe me, the SDF will initiate that political New Deal. The SDF has lost the election but not the battle. We have lost votes to form the government but not

the vision to build Sikkim. Many power-hungry political brokers have left the party but the soldiers of democracy are in the party,” Mr Chamling said. He alleged that many honest and sincere SDF supporters have also been misguided, intimidated and forced to join the ruling party by political

brokers. “Mark my words, the SDF will come back stronger with renewed energy and strength. The best is yet to come,” he adds.