Tourism stakeholders and Govt discuss possible resumption of tourism


GANGTOK, 22 Jun: Tourism stakeholders came together on a single platform on Tuesday to

discuss various issues pertaining to resumption of tourism in the state with better planning and preparedness. The meeting, which was initiated by Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation [STDC]

Chairman, Lukendra Rasaily, was attended by Additional Chief Secretary to Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, K Jayakumar and representatives of hotels, resorts, homestays, travel agencies and other stakeholders. It is informed that the suggestions and issues discussed in the meeting would be placed

to the state government. During the open discussion, stakeholders suggested that there should be better coordination between concerned departments before taking out any notification to understand

the issues and problems of stakeholders. They asserted that Home Department and Health Department should coordinate with the Tourism Department before taking out any notification to make way for tourism stakeholders. They stated that COVID-19 is an ongoing process and no one knows when it will end; at the same time tourism is the main revenue generating source for Sikkim so better planning and coordination are needed for the sustainability of tourism sector and its stakeholders. Tourism stakeholders have also placed other issues and problems faced during the lockdown in the state. They

suggested vaccination of all tourism stakeholders and digital promotion and marketing of Sikkim Tourism before unlocking STDC Chairman mentioned that suggestions and outcome of the meeting

would be placed to the state government.He added that tourism stakeholders have been suffering during this lockdown especially problems related to loans. The Chairman, Mr Rasaily urged all

tourism stakeholders to work for the upcoming tourism programme, ‘Visit Sikkim 2022’. He added that it was the collective responsibility of every tourism stakeholder to work for the success of ‘Visit Sikkim 2022’ for further marketing and promotion of Sikkim tourism in the world. Additional Chief Secretary to Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, K Jayakumar suggested that tourism stakeholders come forward to take responsibility in proper COVID management in the state. He said that if tourism

stakeholders are able to manage their own COVID Care Centres, immunization centres for all stakeholders and share other responsibilities in COVID management then they would not have

to depend much on the government departments. On the same, the ACS stated that all stakeholders should come forward with proper plans and preparation to reassure the government by sharing the

responsibility of COVID management.