Two livestock assistant centres inaugurated by Agriculture Minister Sharma RUDRA KAUSHIK

Geyzing, 25 Jan:

Agriculture Minister,Loknath Sharma inaugurates two livestock assistant centres at Bongten of BongtenSapong GPU under ManeybungDentam constituency and Meeyong of Chingthang GPU under GeyzingBermiok constituency today. The inaugural event of livestock assistant centres established by department of animal husbandry and veterinary services was also attended by additional director (animal husbandry) NaradSinchyuri and other departmental officials.

Minister Loknath Sharma dedicating the livestock assistant centres to the local farmers of Bongten and Meeyong expressed that the centres established to take care of services related to animal husbandry would be able to serve the targetted purpose. He informed that livestock assistant centres were established as per the demands of the farmers of Bongten and Meeyong and the concerned department would ensure availability of required facilities in the centres considering the necessity of the farmers. He added that the state government is appointing 42 vets very soon in veterinary services department to ensure the availability of better veterinary services for the farmers involved in animal husbandry in various forms. Elaborating on various agricultural schemes being initiated by the state government, Loknath Sharma pressed for larger participations of the people in agriculture and added that the farming community should reap benefits from the opportunity availed by the state government in forms of various agricultural schemes. He termed the agriculture and animal husbandry sectors as major contributors to bring about necessary economic development of the backward classes and way of sustainable way of livelihood. "Agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry sector play a vital role to provide economic stability to the farmers if practiced in extensive and scientific way. The farming community must realise their worth as they are the backbone of state's economy", Sharma said. He assured necessary support to the farmers from the concerned department.

Agricultural equipment such as chaff cutter, spray machines, poly pipes and seeds of various kinds of crops were also distributed to the farmers of Bongten and Meeyong.